hello i'm aisling or assling or just ash and im a 14 yr old irish ogre living in a swamp with a special love for cartoons

big cook little cook is something ye tumblrites should bat an eyelash on because:
- instead of the stereotype of women working in the domestic lifestyle, there are two men breaking the rules of this stereotype by working and making fresh recipes with the help of little cook’s big cookery book. they do so to feed their hungered and helpless slaves with whatever exotic shit they want.

- there is an obvious harry potter reference when little cook wizzes off to 25% of the actual globe with his overgrown wooden spoon whenever he’s short on something (although big cook can never have the logic to just get it in a local shop, it would save a lot of money and carbon dioxide in the midst of our atmosphere)

- this show is british and is made by bbc, which is strongly recommended for a lot of ye since you have severe fetishes for jeremy kyle, tardises and chavs

- the music is catchy enough to immediately download it on your phone or w/e and every punk rock tune is just basically about cooking. the sample of each song is quite similar to Black veil brides, the beatles and arctic monkeys worth a shot.

- big cook the friendly titan had eaten all of the citizens, even the survey corps and military police, although he could never let a certain person’s life into oblivion.. because obviously they shared an interest into nothing else but cooking and decided to make their own show. so yeah you have a titan and a survivor bonding with each other, that is rare in romance culture.

- you get to hear a free sample of erotic readings of controversial books such as 50 shades of grey, quite interesting tbh. - ben is named after the big ben in london, the ghetto chav capital city of england.. a lot of you might be jerking off to this as you are reading this shit.



Riley: Really really?

Shrek: Really really.

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眼鏡オヤジーズ by うにゃ


turnt as hecke


"shut up mom I’m cyber ghetto"




highupinthememebranch needs to stop with shriley

i shall never

its shrek x granddad

megan from drake and josh x grandad is a yes, but shrekdad… nah


i don’t care how many people unfollow me, lazytown is cool. 


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