hello i'm aisling or assling or just ash and im a 15 yr old irish fagbag with cool taste in toons n tunes


The Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic. The Old Jewish Cemetery was established in the 15th century and is an important historic site. The oldest tombstone dates from the year 1439. Burials took place in the cemetery until 1787. Today it contains some 12,000 tombstones, although the number of persons buried here is much greater. The cemetery was enlarged a number of times in the past. In spite of this, the area did not suffice and earth was brought in to add further layers. It is assumed that the cemetery contains several burial layers placed on top of each other.


here this is make up for that last shitty fanart


we never found out how little amanda and scott are doing


From Boyfriend of Steel (庵) by Chinkusha [pixiv ID: 44972424]

i hate how i get pissed on my hand condition, especially when it started at the start of this year. i want to punch myself in the stomach.

chenyakumo.tumblr.com - its exactly what it looks like.
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its exactly what it looks like.
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i cant find my son